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I grew up in the Philippines, Province of Bulacan where I live with my growing family. I found myself entering the world of online work when the pandemic struck our country. It was then that I discovered my passion and skills as an Insurance VA specialist.

As an Insurance VA specialist, I have had the opportunity to excel in my field, taking on various professional roles and achieving remarkable milestones. Through my dedication and knowledge, I have successfully managed insurance tasks and provided valuable support to clients. It gives me immense satisfaction to help individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of insurance.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am also deeply passionate about graphics and arts, as well as baking. I’m Interested with a lot of things, I finds solace in the pages of a book. I also love to travel, camp, and immerse myself in nature. The beach holds a special place in my heart, which makes surfing and capturing breathtaking photographs two of my favorite activities. I am also a Dog lover for having 5 of them and it makes me happy to spend time with them together with my kids. Additionally, I have a great passion for sports, as they instill discipline, teamwork, and determination in me.

In everything I do, I strive to uphold my values and work approach. I believe in working with integrity, ensuring that my actions align with the highest ethical standards. Efficiency is also crucial to me, as I understand the value of delivering prompt and accurate results. Above all, I firmly believe in loving what I do, as passion and enjoyment fuel my motivation to continually improve and excel in my chosen field.

When it comes to my personal preferences, my favorite movie of all time is “Harry Potter.” Hogwarts and its enchanting world have always captivated my imagination. And if I were to possess a superpower, flying would be my ideal choice. The freedom to soar through the skies, I think I would really enjoy how free I would feel and knowing I could have the ability to go almost anywhere, and witnessing the world from a different perspective, is a truly magical concept to me.

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