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David Chambless was born in Galveston, Texas. His parents, Majors Rolan and Doris Chambless, were Ministers and Officers in the Salvation Army. His family moved several times with most of his childhood spent in Austin, Texas and his teens playing football at Robert E. Lee High School in San Antonio, Texas. David attended Southwest Texas State University and majored in Business Administration with a Finance minor.

In April 2002, David, and his wife Nicole founded United Realty Group Inc at their kitchen table in Pompano Beach, FL. They chose UNITED for their deep love of country and devotion to freedom and inclusivity. As Executive Vice President, David is involved in all aspects of the day-to-day operations of United Realty Group, as well as the development and implementation of strategic growth. He has an open-door policy and is never too busy for a genuine “How is business and the family doing?”

David’s passion and dedication to United Realty Group is stronger today than ever. He continues to be inspired and committed to the success, growth and longevity of the family business.

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