Smoke Alarm

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Why should I have a working smoke alarm?
According to the National Fire Protection Association, almost two-thirds of home fire deaths resulted from fires in properties without working smoke alarms.

Install smoke alarms in key areas of your home.
Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, including the basement.

Smoke alarm maintenance.
Is your smoke alarm still working? Smoke alarms must be maintained! A smoke alarm with a dead or missing battery is the same as having no smoke alarm at all.

Online Insurance Quotes Make Comparing Providers Easy

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Anybody looking for homeowners insurance quotes in Florida has one of the most powerful tools for shopping insurance, that tool is the Internet. A person can access this tool from their workplace, home, local library or Internet cafe. It takes only a few minutes to enter contact information (phone, email, etc.) in order to receive a free Florida homeowners insurance quote. Allied Insurance Group offers Florida residents free insurance quotes for homeowners insurance in order to provide Floridians with low insurance prices with coverage that suits the needs of the individual. Simply visit and select “free quote” to begin.

By comparing multiple providers through an online Florida home insurance quote an individual saves a great deal of time. Allied Insurance Group is a Florida insurance provider that serves the entire state with insurance products and services from a variety of companies. Allied is an independent insurance agency that can compare multiple insurance services in order to find the best priced options while meeting the coverage needs of the customer. Allied does the work for the customer saving them time and money with homeowners insurance coverage that may provide a discount, a lower premium or provide coverage that fills a gap from their previous coverage for the same price. Find out how much money you can save with a free homeowners insurance quote online today.

Why use the free FL homeowners insurance quote from Allied Insurance Group? As a Florida business they have a personal understanding of what unique types of insurance protection a Florida home needs for proper safety and security. It is vital to have the proper amount of coverage to protect the home structure, property within the home and liability protection throughout the year. Being prepared with the right homeowners insurance policy will help a homeowner to remain calm during the storms of life, knowing that any belongings lost to a natural disaster or other covered occurrence will be replaced allowing life to move forward worry free. Get your free quote today, visit .

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Tips For Saving Money On Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

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Families across the nation are looking for ways to cut back on their expenses and tighten their household budgets. A great place to start is by reviewing your Florida homeowner's insurance policy. Florida homeowner's rates can vary from one provider to another. This is why shopping around for homeowner's insurance rates are always suggested. Taking the time to compare the hundreds of insurance agencies around you can be daunting. To make this task more convenient you can take advantage of a free insurance quote. Allied Insurance Group is an independent Florida insurance agency. They can compare the rates and services of multiple companies to help provide you with the most affordable options. Quotes are free and take a short amount of time to help you find homeowners insurance options that can help you save time and money.

You can save money on your homeowner's rates by combining your insurance policies under one provider. Instead of having your automobile insurance with company "A", your homeowners insurance with company "B" and your health insurance with company "C", purchasing each of these polices from one insurer can provide you with a discount. Just be sure that this is more cost efficient than going through multiple insurers. Costs and coverage varies between customer and insurance provider.

Many people don't take into consideration the small improvements in home disaster resistance, home security and safety measures. Small additions can sometimes make a big difference in the amount you will pay for coverage. Florida homeowners can improve their homes disaster resistance by adding hurricane storm clips, hurricane impact doors and other weather protection devices to help lower homeowners insurance rates. They can also add safety features such as fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, a fire extinguisher and upstairs safety ladder. Adding an alarm system, improving door locks and deadbolts can also lower rates. These simple solutions can help Florida homeowners improve their insurance rates. By speaking to your insurance agent you can learn about further ways to save on your homeowners insurance policy without sacrificing coverage.

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What To Consider When You Re-evaluate Your Florida Homeowners Insurance

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As we enter the second month of the New Year many of us are dragging our heels on the topic of homeowners insurance re-evaluation. It is advised that you re-evaluate your Florida homeowner’s insurance policy annually. Needs and preferences can change year to year. Homes are expanded with an add on or other home improvements are made and the amount of the policy insurance limit and provisions should be based on the individual needs of the time. Knowing exactly how much insurance coverage is needed can seem confusing, but by speaking to your Florida homeowners insurance agent you can have questions answered and receive advice on what coverage amounts will best protect your home, belongings and provide adequate labiality protection.

When you sit down with your Florida homeowner’s insurance agent there are three areas of the policy to consider. These include the homes structure, belongings and liability coverage. A standard policy incorporates these three areas with general coverage. As home improvements are performed, personal possessions are added, etc. the coverage limits will likely increase. It is advised that a Florida homeowner ensures that 100% of the homes structure cost be covered. This is coverage that will cover the complete rebuild of the homes structure. Homeowners should have their homes value estimated and have this information when speaking with your insurance agent. Also inquire about an inflation guar clause and flood insurance. It is key to understand the amount of living expenses coverage in the event of a disaster. This often covers food and shelter of 20% of the insurance coverage. Numbers will vary and your insurance agent will be able to help with exact numbers.

Policies for home insurance Florida also provides coverage for personal possessions. Insuring the actual cash value of objects or replacement costs can cover these items. It is vital to maintain an updated inventory of personal possessions. File receipts or cost proof and photos of items to be insured. Lastly policies for homeowners insurance provide liability protection in the event of a lawsuit. This insurance covers bodily injury or property damage to another party. Coverage amounts vary so inquire about excess liability or an umbrella policy. Life changes, needs change, so re-evaluating your homeowners policy will ensure that you have the adequate coverage to provide coverage in these three areas. You may find that by speaking with you insurance agent that you save time while gaining peace of mind. Why wait until its to late, protect your home and assets with a Florida homeowners insurance re-evaluation today.

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Is A Better Homeowners Insurance Rate On Your Holiday Wish List

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The holiday season rapidly approaches leading many of us to begin the creation of a so-called ”wish list”. It is a list of the things we hope to find this magical time of year. For many of us we have a yearlong wish list and a better Florida homeowner’s rate is likely to be written down. Stop wishing for a better rate and let us let us go to work for you. We have a quick and easy online quote that will help you find the right South Florida homeowners insurance saving you time and money.

As independent agents we are able to shop a variety of insurance providers and products for you, finding you the best policy for the best price throughout Florida. We can find you savings on condo homeowners insurance, insurance for business owners (commercial), renters insurance and much more. We understand the importance of insuring your home with the right amount of coverage and we work for you to find the best deal hands down.

We care about our policyholders needs. Let us help you to start comparing rates within minutes and save. Start your free quote now. To begin your free Florida homeowners insurance quote click here. Simply fill out the homeowners form with your contact information and one of our friendly insurance agents will connect with you for the great coverage that you can afford.

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Making Sure Your Home Is Ready For The Fall Season

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As September comes to an end we prepare to head into the one hundred days of the holiday season. The final three months of the year are filled with fun family activities and light up outdoor decorations that we look forward to each year. Many of us begin to check off a fall preparation list such as draining the sediment from our hot water heater, checking our windows and doorways for effective weather stripping in preparation for the colder months that lie ahead. We prepare our homes for the cooler weather and seasonal guests. As part of this fall preparation homeowners should also review their homeowners insurance policy.

A homeowner’s insurance Florida policy is a package policy, which covers the homes structure, internal belongings as well as liability. Fall and winter months bring a rise in home hazards that require a homeowner to ensure that their home is properly insured protecting the home and houseguests from harm such as seasonal fires, slip and fall accidents and more. Speaking with your insurance agent will help you to best understand your homeowners insurance or renters insurance policy as a way to fill in any gaps in coverage allowing you to protect your home in the best possible manner while finding the best payments choices for your household budget.

Allied Insurance Group welcomes the upcoming Autumn season with open arms and we are ready to help meet our homeowners needs by finding them the best policy for the right balance of protection and price. For Florida homeowners who are in need of a Florida home insurance quote visit our home page here. As independent agents we search multiple Florida home insurance companies and many different products so we are not tied into selling a particular company or a particular insurance product. This gives us the freedom to find you the best deals for your particular insurance needs anywhere in Florida.

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Protect Your Home Before The Holiday Season Fire Hazards Arrive

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It is hard to believe that we have already hit the middle of August as children return to school and stores begin displaying seasonal décor for the fall. Mid September brings us the last day of summer and the first day of fall around the 22nd or 23rd of the month. With the arrival of fall, many of us begin to prepare for the holiday season. Each holiday season however brings us alarming statistics such as the fact that more than 400 people lose their lives to fires this time of year. Another 1,650 people are injured and damages on average of $990 million occur. Holiday lighting, Christmas trees, turkey fryers and more claim peoples homes and create injuries that cost hundreds more. It is not to put a damper on this anticipated time of year, but to inform Florida homeowners of the importance of a homeowner’s insurance policy.

A homeowner’s insurance policy is a package policy that protects Florida homeowners in three areas. It covers the homes structure, the personal belongings within the home and provides liability protection. If in the event a home fire occurs, the homeowners can have their home repaired, belongings replaced and cover medical injury cost of guests who are injured. It is the prevention measures that help homeowners to remain safe throughout the holiday season and rest easy knowing that they are protected with their homeowner’s policy.

To ensure that Florida homeowners have the amount of coverage they need for protection while paying the best price they can have their insurance provider rates compared through a Florida homeowners insurance quote. Allied Insurance Group offers a quick and easy online quote in just minutes. Begin comparing rates with the click of a button to ensure your homeowner’s policy is the best it can be for the lowest price available. Allied Insurance Group is provides all of the top insurance carriers for Florida residents across the state. Allied Insurance Group offers their free online Florida homeowner insurance quotes in order to help each Florida homeowner to save time and money all while receiving the highest level of quality customer care and insurance products available. Protect your home and family this holiday season by comparing your Florida homeowner insurance quotes today.

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Hurricane Season Florida Homeowners Insurance

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The Atlantic Hurricane season begins June first and runs through November thirtieth. Ninety-seven percent of tropical storm activity occurs within this time frame. Peaked season is from August to October with 78% of the tropical storms, 87% of the minor hurricane days and 96% of the major hurricane days. Within peak hurricane season early to mid September is the pinnacle. With knowledge such as this along with previous storm damages seen, there is specific destruction a homeowner can expect to occur. This is why choosing a Florida homeowner’s policy that includes necessary hurricane damage coverage is so vital.

Insurance adjusters are specially trained to tell the difference between flood and hurricane damage. However with a hurricane damage claims it is wind versus water. This is why it is so important to also invest in a flood insurance policy for proper protection. Flood damage is excluded under standard homeowners and renter’s insurance policies. Flood coverage, however, is available in the form of a separate policy. Flood insurance is available for renters as well as homeowners. Flood insurance is needed if a homeowner lives in a designated flood zone. The time for getting flood insurance coverage is now. There is a 30-day waiting period before federal flood coverage takes effect.

Here at Allied Insurance Group we can help you make the right choice in protecting your home from hurricane damage including wind, water and fallen debris damage coverage. As independent insurance agents, we represent many different companies and many different products so we are not tied into selling a particular company or a particular insurance product. This gives us the freedom to find the best deals for you and your particular insurance needs anywhere in Florida. Located in Davie Florida we have personal knowledge of what the weather here brings. We have seen first hand the damage that hurricanes cause and we know what policies can help protect your dwelling and belongings in the event of a hurricane, flood, fire or other perilous event. We are here to ensure that what matters most to you is protected providing you peace of mind no matter what life or the weather may bring.

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